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On both sides of the banner are some of our favorite Christmas stories! Steve had that painting commissioned a few years ago, and I think it goes perfectly with our decorations, especially because we live in Colorado now!It didn’t really make sense on our wall in New Orleans because it was always so hot there. And here’s our beautiful, beautiful, beautiful tree!

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We are a reliable air balloon team, partnered with almost all Lithuania Republic (and not only!

) air balloons flying pilots, we are members of the Lithuania airmen and airwomen society!

We won’t be here for a bulk of the Christmas holiday, so we didn’t go crazy outside with lights and decorations, but I think the ones we chose are just adorable.

Although our gnome isn’t necessarily a Christmas decoration, I thought he looked adorable covered in snow, so he got thrown into this tour too. I love showing off our new home and all of its decorations. And now it’s time to hop around the other blog tours!

We have 19 amazing blog tours showing off their homes for the next three days.


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