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The one thing you may have a real reason to complain about is the ferry. And that hotels were, as stated above, not in convenient locations and of poor quality.

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I just wanted to warn parents against using EF Tours for their kids.

I went on a trip with my son to Italy and Greece (with a stop in Turkey) through his school.

We were completely on our own along with everyone else.

If you think your kid can't be responsible then don't send them on this type of tour - since they are likely to find a way to make bad decisions. I took students on trips, with EF and other companies.

On the tours I went on, some of the kids did not "make good choices" as the expresion goes these days. The guides did take a gruop out in the evening to a club - evidently the kids were old enough to enter. Food and hotels on cheap tours are, of course, cheap. I truly believe only inexperienced( travel wise) naïve parents would put their kids on one of these tours.