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In previous versions, Smart Dashboard allowed the user to use other encodings for non-English characters in definition of some objects.For example: Names of rules, user names, and comments for rules.

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Tries to detect the encoding of the provided snippet ba by using the BOM (Byte Order Mark) and returns a QText Codec instance that is capable of decoding the text to unicode. If the codec cannot be detected, this overload returns a Latin-1 QText Codec. QText Codec subclasses must reimplement this function.

If the codec cannot be detected from the content provided, default Codec is returned. Converts the first number of characters from the input array from Unicode to the encoding of the subclass, and returns the result in a QByte Array.

In many situations you may wish to deal with data that uses a different encoding.

For example, most Japanese documents are still stored in Shift-JIS or ISO 2022-JP, while Russian users often have their documents in KOI8-R or Windows-1251.

The QText Codec class provides conversions between text encodings.


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